PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE is a business solution that helps you manage all of your business information in one application and use it not only to manage operations, but also enables you to make informed decisions timely to stay ahead your competition. It is a pillar of your business to add strength, transparency and control to your enterprise.

Revolutionary approach in keeping accounts!

There is no doubt that technology is everywhere and can bring competitive value. So far, the IT field has played an essential role in optimizing every activity, improving the quality of life and greatly influencing the economic sector. The last decade is prominently marked by the paradigm of cloud usage and almost every area has found a tool to benefit from its use. Cloud computing has also reached the field of accounting. That is why the accounting world is gradually shifting towards cloud-based solutions. The appearance of cloud accounting has proven to be a new way to do business. This revolutionary approach to keeping accounts is very promising, as there are many advantages that accountants have already experienced because of new technology.

Online management system has changed the way we work. It is not something that is “coming in the future”. Online management system is already being used in a wide variety of industries. PLANET provides the opportunity to create a more effective practice that offers more value to clients.

Spend less time on compliance work. Focus more on value-added services and business advice for clients.

Switching to an online system provides a proper accounting configuration, allowing you to expand your consulting services and add real values.

By choosing the online accounting system, you get reliable, real-time data, and can fully benefit from the work of online accounting.

How does Planet Accounting Online help business owners?

Business owners can access their information anytime from anywhere. Business owners are always on the move and increasingly using smart tablets and phones to access the latest financial data. With Planet Accounting Online, they can see business account balances, unpaid bills, the overall cash level, and much more, 24/7 as long as they have access to the internet connection.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big business!

If you are running a small business that has a few employees, you understand the dynamic nature of managing difficulties in doing business. There is no big difference between small and big businesses. Small businesses need to communicate with customers, make accounts, pay taxes, make payroll, manage deadlines, provide quality goods and services, answer questions, and keep everyone informed, just like in big businesses. The solution is PLANET ACCOUNTING.


PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE can provide various advantages to accountants and the business itself. Due to the way financial data is stored (on provider servers rather than on a local computer) and access (on the Internet), all involved users are able to access it at any time, regardless of their location. This is in fact one of the most important benefits offered by PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE, as this will improve collaboration and provide real-time data updates.

The accounting department always served to the public interest, so accountants should always be aware of the advances and opportunities that can help and develop the profession and the entire business landscape.

With PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE the exact forecast can be made. When accurate inventory estimation levels are kept at maximum efficiency, this allows the organizations to be profitable.

The integration of different departments provides communication, productivity and efficiency.

Using PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE eradicates the problem of coordinating the differences between many systems.

PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE offers a top-down view of an organization, so information is available to make decisions anytime and anywhere.

Multiple benefits!

PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE became an opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity for the accounting profession. PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE is the new economic player, which is proposed for the field of accounting. This innovative tool will dramatically increase accountants’ activity and can provide multiple benefits to all business partners, especially for the accounting function.

Short introduction

The best place to make the right choice in accounting software solution!

Our mission is simple: To help you make the right choice for accounting software. Advanced Online Accounting System PLANET ACCOUNTING is a complete accounting software in compliance with the Republic of Kosovo’s Fiscal Legislation, International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Enables real-time online management of your business, no matter how many units/branches or warehouses you have.

Fully integrated

The Planet Accounting Online system is sold full with every feature and module included in each package, so when you use the Planet Accounting Online System, you can quickly and easily activate each of these modules at any time and start using them immediately. With this, Planet Accounting ensures that any modification of any data in any module will immediately affect all modules.

PLANET includes a complete basic accounting system and functionality that you will expect from a commercial package. PLANET is an integrated accounting system that enables quick and accurate disclosure of financial information and enables the client to have full control over their finances.

PLANET combines simplicity, speed and accuracy by providing a complex system that makes management of accounting, finance and the company a much more effective.

PLANET is the ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses. PLANET is dedicated to various business activities: Services, Wholesale and Retail, Builders, Pharmacies, Medical Orders, Manufacturing, Hotels, Colleges, Marketing, Transport, NGOs, Agriculture, Car services, etc.

Many uses

PLANET enables unlimited opening of companies, branches, departments, languages, currencies and users.

Many languages

PLANET allows you to add any language you need.

Money exchange

Enables the sale and purchase from foreign countries. Fixed foreign exchange values for the supplier can be determined, as well as auto commands of foreign exchange adjustment values when a payment is made. Products can also be predetermined with a supplier that has a fixed value in the currency of the supplier, which can be opened automatically and to adjust the current amount of foreign currency. Determine the cost and import cost directly in one item so that the overall cost of a product is known including shipping, customs, and import duties.


Planet Accounting Business gives you maximum flexibility from creating accounting plans and cost centers to real-time reporting and provides you with graphical presentation of data. Planet is about your accounting records and provides easy access to his reports that are very detailed. Enter to your Profit and Loss balance, and individual transactions in real time. Full audit trails are provided to track all transactions by providing data integrity, which is one of the key accounting software functions.

Accounting plan

Fill out the list of accounts as it is required for any business. This list can be added or removed depending on your specific requirements. Additionally, you can start from the beginning with your account series, or just attach a combination of both.

Tax codes

Accounting software is designed to minimize human error, enabling you to define tax codes for products and accounts that Planet will then automatically open in any transaction at the time the account or product is selected. Also, the PAB report will be updated immediately with the new transaction, which is added due to the tax code that has already been selected.

Full audit trail

Accounting software is the key integrity of the data. Tracking the audit will track every change made to the Planet and report on it, for example, who made those changes when they did and what they did? This gives you the ability to return to any transaction and view the changes.

Cost coverage

Numerous researches on return on invested value related to the cost of installing and implementing the Planet Accounting Online System as a business and management package have been made. And, while initial cost is a factor, mid-term and long-term benefits are fantastic and should not be ignored. Ease of data entry has been shown to be a significant improvement in staff efficiency, time saving measures and massive drop in data errors. When these combine with how fast your reporting becomes, business control is also done very quickly. The fact that the Planet Accounting Online system is a bundle that really involves everything, once data comes in, stems everywhere, the overall savings being made is enormous, not only saving money but saving time as well.

PLANET is built from the following modules:
Contains features that have a general effect on different areas within the modules within the system.
Easy-to-use panel
PLANET has a very simple interface for users that is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate.

Sales & Clients

PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE gives you maximum flexibility, over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the first contact with a perspective to becoming clients.

Purchases & Suppliers

PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE gives you complete control of your purchase and supply chain management. From automatic shuffle, it enables automated selection of cheaper suppliers and tracking orders from shipping to your storage.

Stocks & Services

The stock module is one of the most used modules in accounting software, in particular in the Advanced Accounting Online System “Planet Accounting”. This module enables users to manage, record, modify, and control real-time articles and business warehouses.

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, managing your inventory is very important to control your expenses and to ensure the normal functioning of your business.

Bank & Cash Register

The bank action table maintains savings accounts and checks for your company as soon as the required data is entered. From this table, you can enter and edit the Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs), you can set up bank accounts and see the money you owe and the money they owe you. The user can also write and print checks and harmonize bank accounts.

Journal and Big Ledger

Journal – The accounting journal reflects chronological actions according to its standard format.

Big Ledger – contains the same actions as the accounting journal, but in this case the actions are grouped by accounts.


The production module is one of the most advanced modules in the PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE. Provides real-time production and information control that allows users to identify all stages of a production cycle.


It enables you to measure and increase employee productivity. Real time integration of work and working schedule. Full and accurate details of the staff that is fully integrated with a full business management and accounting system.


Salaries is a fully integrated payroll system. The general book is updated promptly including the costs and obligations of bank accounts. All permits, payments, deductions, etc., are immediately posted and recorded.


See everything for each project. A comprehensive and complete story of any quotation, sales order, bill, cash sale, statement, appointment, invoice, purchase order, cost etc that you have made with this job. The project module provides the opportunity to maintain analytical accounting of projects, enabling the distribution of revenues and expenditures through various projects.


Many companies buy and sell items from abroad. For all import invoices, it is possible to register the Single Administrative Document related to these invoices with the relevant data on the taxes paid at customs.


Allows you to create a list of different assets that allow you to group your assets and define them quickly and easily. Each group may have its own depreciation method and values ​​that allow the updating of all assets within the group very easily.


Asset Plus Online has integrated Point Of Sale “POS” for retail outlets, whose options will give you control over many areas of operations, thus enhancing your business control and efficiency.

POS has integrated all functions at Point of Sale with real-time accounting.


With a growing number of businesses running on the move, mobile phone software is rapidly entering the workplace. Online or offline, business management software is now available in real-time tablet form. Automatically synchronizes with your Planet database when it is connected to the Internet, or automatically updated when it is connected to the Internet. Planet Mobile gives you the flexibility to work wherever you are. It’s great for field business employees and enables them to manage their customer accounts easily from any mobile device whether it’s Android platform (Offline and Online), Apple (Online-based web), or Windows.

Real-Time Reporting – Quick and Good Decisions
PLANET operates in real-time, so you always have the ability to quickly access your company data!

Planet Accounting uses what is called transaction reporting in real-time, or otherwise known as a data-led system. This means that when a transaction is entered, it will appear immediately and adjust each module associated with it, including stock and all reports, balance, profit and loss, inventory quantities, and so on. You no longer need to wait for the end of the month for updates, your reports will be immediate and up to date in a matter of seconds.

PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE enables the generation of hundreds of standard business reports for production, sales, personnel and miscellaneous purchases; All official reports on Kosovo Tax Administration: Purchase Book, Sales Book, VAT Form, Payroll, CD, PD, Financial Statements, All official reports to the Kosovo Financial Reporting Council.

You can personalize any of the existing standard reports on PLANET ACCOUNTING ONLINE in hundreds of different ways. These reports can then be saved and viewed at any time. With an almost unlimited range of reports, using different prints and styles that will allow a user to create a new report or modify any existing report and save as their own.

Smart Reports

Automatically deliver reports to E-mails related to purchases, Payments, Costs, Profits. Taxes

Automatic submission