Ne duam që ju të jeni të sigurtë se sistemi i juaj i kontabilitetit paraqet saktësisht situatën tuaj aktuale, në mënyrë që ju të mund të fokusoheni në biznesin tuaj në vend që të merreni me regjistrin kontabel.

Fillimi i mbajtjes së librave të llogarive mund të komplikohet varësisht nga madhësia e biznesit dhe numri i transaksioneve qe kompania ka. Nëse mendoni se nuk mund t’i mbani nën kontroll evidencen kontabel, atëherë kërkoni ndihmën tonë, ne do të menaxhojmë financat e biznesit tuaj dhe do të ju mbajmë në drejtimin e duhur per sa kohe të jemi te kontraktuar për të ofruar këtë shërbim.

Sot edhe pse shumë kompani ende mbështeten në një llogaritar të brendshëm për të mbajtur evidencen kontabel të tyre, sot kemi edhe të dhënat e një numër të madh të kompanive që janë kthyer në një zgjidhje me kosto më të ulet për të menaxhuar procesin e tyre të kontabilitetit nga burimet e jashtme, dmth nga kompani profesionale për ofrimin e këtyre shërbimeve.

Interneti së bashku me zhvillimin e softuerave të specializuar është duke ndihmuar korporatat e mëdha dhe të vogla, për të arritur linjat më fitimprurës, me dhënien e kontraktuesit te tyre për ofrimin e shërbimeve të kontabilitetit.

Can not only facilitate your back-office functions, but improve performance and profitability. As your business expands, the scope and volume of your financial operations are likely to increase, as well. Your growing need to handle your cash flow optimally and remain on top of accounts receivable and payable implies that you may require additional bookkeeping assistance. Engaging a virtual accounting service provider to handle your accounting and bookkeeping is quite beneficial for small and medium sized businesses that require strategic financial data on their fingertips, at all times. Aspects like financial budgeting, estimations, cost-benefit analysis, staff overhead costs and tax obligations need to be precisely calculated and made available, as and when needed.

Allcon provide reliable, professional virtual accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services to businesses, CPAs, CFOs as well as self-employed individuals worldwide. Our virtual accounting and bookkeeping solutions are quite cost-effective and regardless of whether you have a real estate, restaurant, manufacturing, insurance, legal or any other business, our accounting pricing plans are customized to meet the requirements of all types of businesses. Being in the industry for more than 15 years now, our in-house accountants and bookkeepers can easily handle your day-to-day accounting operations so you can pay attention to running your business and making profits.

Bookkeeping Services
Accounting software setup
Preparing Chart of Accounts
Accounts Receivable (AR)
Accounts Payable (AP)
Bank, credit card & loan accounts reconciliation
Inventory & payroll reconciliation
Fixed assets & depreciation schedules
Investment account reconciliation
Intercompany loan reconciliation
Accounting Services
Books cleanup
Monthly, quarterly, & year-end reviews
Preparing financial statements
Year-end adjustments
Payroll & sales tax filling
Management reporting
Financial analysis
Cash flow & budgeting
Job costing & profitability
Financial ratio analysis
In the world of today’s business change, the introduction of accurate and reliable data has an important role in creating meaningful information to make wise business decisions. Therefore, any business that seeks to utilize the power of data should engage in the introduction of high quality and perfect data. As a prominent provider of data recording services, we provide all industries with accurate and reliable data entry services. We use the most advanced technology, advanced skills, and refined processes to present the most accurate and accurate solutions.
Our team can easily afford large volumes of data for data entry that you transfer and we can help alleviate your administrative burdens and overall costs by up to 60%. Our team has been methodically trained to ensure that an accuracy rate of 98.9% is maintained at all. By providing data entry to Allcon, you can save money and time and free your staff to ensure that your core business tasks get the right attention. We meticulously value the data according to your requirements and then offer the final result within the specified timeframe. All the tasks performed by us are subject to extensive quality control controls before being sent to you.
Accounting Data Entry
eCommerce Product Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Data Capturing and Catalog Data Entry
Legal Data Entry
Logistics Data Entry (BOL Data Entry)
Insurance Claims Data Entry
Billing and Invoice Data Entry
Website Compilation and Data Entry
eBook Transcription and Data Entry
YellowPages and WhitePages Data Entry
Sales Contacts and Prospects Data Entry
Transcription Outsourcing Services
Mailing List and Mailing Label Data Entry
QuickBooks Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry
Business Transaction Data Entry for Purchase, Sales, Payroll and Additional Business Needs
Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio & Pdf Data Entry)
Software and Application Data and Content Data Entry
Online and Offline Data Entry