Tax Administration of Kosovo, reminds all Taxable Persons – VAT declarers that based on the tax legislation they are required to declare and pay tax within due time and real manner.

TAK activities will be constantly focused on the Non-declarers or Sub-declarers of the Value Added Tax.

Some of the taxpayers registered as VAT declarers do not apply this obligation, therefore TAK appeals to them to declare their statements as earlier as they can and fulfill all tax obligations prescribed by tax legislation.

Therefore TAK encourages you to respond tax obligations; on the contrary, punitive measures will be taken as prescribed by the tax legislation.

As one of the measures that will be taken soon by the Tax Administration of Kosovo, is blocking of the import of goods for all non declarers –sub declarers of VAT.

If subsequently taxpayers would not meet their obligations TAK will annul/cancel the VAT Certificate.

By conducting your tax liabilities, you directly contribute to the provision of the public services, higher standard education, better health and social services, legal protection and safety, and general infrastructure for a sustainable economical and social welfare.

Thanks for paying taxes and contribution to the development of our country!